RPT Poland – welding and plastic processing

RPT specializes in process engineering, design engineering and manufacture of the plastic parts for power plants and waste incinerators. The main places in which our products are used, are flue-gas desulphurisation installations.

Flue-gas desulphurisation is now the basic direction aimed at reducing the high emissions of sulfur oxides in the energetics. In order to achieve adequate results, it is necessary to create appropriate solutions and expertise from a wide field, which is processing of plastic.

This specialization has allowed RPT to  thoroughly understand the processes, and to develop the concepts and solutions for its Customers. It gave us also the opportunity to meet your needs and to satisfy them properly.

We apply the quality standards, which allow us to provide our Customers with reliable and durable products, and what is more, we use high quality materials and modern technologies. We offer the products and services that have already been repeatedly recognized by the Customers around the world.

We produce:

– Mist eliminators.

– Sprinkler systems.

– Sieve baskets.

– Recirculation pipes.

– Plastic components for flue-gas desulphurisation installations.

– Installations for plastic industry.

– Cylindrical and rectangular tanks.

– Devices for individual order.

We provide our Customers with the comprehensive services, such as:

– Welding and processing of thermoplastics according to our own or received projects (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PFA, MFA, and others).

– Construction of vessels and plastic equipment.

Our products are made from materials of renowned manufacturers such as:

Agru, Simon, Georg Fischer, Röchling, which gained recognition in the plastics processing industry.

We invite you to contact and cooperate – we will answer all the questions and will adjust the product or range of activities for

Your individual needs!

Installation and service