We offer you plastic tanks, and to be more precise, the tanks made of polypropylene, which is a material with the smallest density out of widely used polymers. It is characterized by a high chemical resistance and it is almost completely resistant to acids, bases and salts and organic solvents, making it suitable for the production of all kinds of containers and packaging for foodstuffs, as well as specialized equipment and tools.
Plastic tanks allow safe storage or processing of most of the chemicals. Thanks to their high mechanical resistance they have been ensuring effectiveness for many years even when they are exposed on frequent contact with hazardous substances. The products perfectly protect against getting into the environment.
We provide individually selected parameters to your needs – we encourage you to contact us and to present us your needs.
•Industrial tanks
•Chemical tanks of all kinds
•Run off catchment tank
•On site welding of tanks
•Water tank
•Oversized Hoppers and Chutes
•Containment tanks
•Boat tanks