Connecting plastic

Plastic is a materials consisting of synthetic polymers (manufactured by  a human being and not occurring in nature) or of modified natural polymers and modifiers such as powder or fibrous fillers, thermal stabilizers,
UV stabilizers, antistatic agents, foaming agents, pigments, etc.)
Plastic is a great construction material. In many cases, it has better properties than natural materials. Chemical durability, low weight, good dielectric properties, low temperature of processing and, in consequence,
the low production costs make it an interesting alternative to natural materials.
Another advantage is the possibility of multiple processing.
The basic method of joining of thermoplastic plastic used in our company.
• Welding with hot air. so called manual welding
• Extrusion welding
• Welding
• Glueing
The choice of a method depends on the needs of construction.

Manual welding

We use professional Herz welders for manual welding. This device provides hot air with a precisely defined temperature to the welding nozzle. A proper temperature is one of the significant parameters.
The hot air heats the combined material, while a welding wire, provided by a nozzle, links the elements permanently.

Extrusion welding

The extrusion welding is a method that substitute
for manual welding when thicker elements are to be welded.
A welded material is heated and then the material,
plasticised by a welding shoe, is given to the place of the seam.
A welding shoe shapes a seam to the appropriate size

Butt welding

Butt welding is one of the most popular methods of connecting pipes and sheets. This method is commonly used in the construction of pipelines of any kind. A welding process consists in heating and plastificating of combined surfaces and then combining them according to the proper strength at a specific time.


The plastic materials in terms of glueing are divided into two classes: polyolefins and non-polyolefin. Non-polyolefin are PS, PC, PMMA, ABS, PVC, PA, PU these materials can be combined with glue. Measures should be taken for the selected material and in regard to the media, which are included in the pipeline