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Pleasure boats

Powerful engines fitted in a sleek vessel are a lot of fun for the owners and their passengers. Splash water and waves can easily enter a vessel when a simple louvre intake is fitted resulting in corrosion, humidity, and bacterial growth.

The owner will face escalating maintenance costs and     unhappy guests. A good mist eliminator system keeps         everything downstream of the intake clean and dry for      ventilation systems and engines, protecting them from  splash water, rain droplets, salt and other particles.

Cargo vessels
Ship engines require large volumes of clean air for combus-tion. It is no surprise that the air must be clean and dry to avoid corrosion, which is difficult to achieve in marine en-vironments. Freight, such as fruit and livestock also need a continuous supply of fresh air.
Our air intake systems provide the solution.

Air intakes for cold climatic conditions

What happens if an air intake gets blocked due to icing or snow? What kind of equipment is located downstream of the intake? What would be the result of such blockage in your system? Dealing with the problem before it occurs is the solution!

With heated droplet separators the risk of clogging is nearly zero. Our heated droplet separator prevents the air intakes from icing and clogging and separates water droplets, salt and other par-ticles from the air stream.

For ships operating in cold climatic conditions it is essential to install anti-icing systems. Our systems can be used in high risk location such as oil platforms. We are able to install heating power up to 5,5 kW/m2.

Offshore platforms
An offshore platform can be compared to a factory in a marine environment. Many machines and processes require fresh air, but not the salt and water that comes with it. Our air intakes keep production flowing and reduce downtime by avoiding unnecessary maintenance.skracają przestoje, unikając niepotrzebnej konserwacji.